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Stavoklima s. r. o.

Production and assembly of ventilation and air conditioning

Since 1994, Stavoklima has been involved in design and completion of technological units with special focus on air conditioning. Since 1996, the company has expanded its activities with production. First, the company concentrated on production of air conditioning accessories, and growing experience and capital caused expansion of the portfolio with unique, performance-wide series of air door and gate curtains.

Assembly, measurement, and control

In 1998, the company's activities expanded to delivery and installation of the instrumentation. This expansion fills the gap in requirements of vast investors. Naturally included in this offer of the trades is processing of all levels of documentation, coordination with all related trades, and quick and quality implementation of the delivery. Included in the work is perfect commissioning, appropriate selection of HW and customization of SW according to final wishes of the customer.

Export of the products to the EU countries

In 1999, the company puts emphasis on export of its products to the EU member states. A step not less important is CB certification as an evidence of compliance with all European standards. Inevitable parts of the expansion include development and production of own electronic components for control of the manufactured devices. As a response to the market development, the company established independent centres for air conditioning, design, production, and instrumentation in 2002.