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Curtain suitable for halls

AXI SC industrial curtains

Curtain suitable for halls

Axi industrial curtains

Industrial air curtains

Standalone sturdy structure of the industrial air with or without heaters. Weldable exhaust louvres for optimum function of the AXI industrial curtain. Standard controlled motors with built-in thermal contacts as safety feature against overload can be mounted easily and in a variable way.

Industrial curtain for warehouses

Industrial curtain AXI SC

Industrial curtain for warehouses

The AXI industrial curtains are very popular solution for the door space protection against spreading of cold air followed by cooling of the internal space. AXI gate curtains perfectly serve to its purpose owing to high performance for curtaining of two spaces in the industrial environment. Their
installation substantially reduces continuous inflow of cold air and noticeably eliminates undesired leakage of warm air. This saves heating costs, incapacity for work rate drops, and continuous operation is provided.

The curtains are fitted with axial (AC or EC) fans. The benefits of the axial fans are their variable applications. They may be installed both vertically and horizontally. The industrial curtains are most applied in the warehouses, dispatch, or service spaces, on the loading ramps, gates for fork-lifting trucks, and other frequently and long-time open spaces.

Heating options are offered from standard hot-water heat exchangers up to non-standard steam ones with high temperatures and pressures, from low-temperature multiline ones up to electric heating. (Attention to high electric power input for the electric heating.) The air curtain is in standard made from zinc-coated metal sheet, and we defined RAL 7035 basic colour for painted versions. We can deliver any RAL colour upon
request. The air curtains may also be delivered with stainless steel cladding if installation is requested to e.g. food processing facility.