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Curtain suitable for halls

AXI industrial curtains

Curtain suitable for halls

Axi industrial curtains

Industrial air curtains

Standalone sturdy structure of the industrial air with or without heaters. Weldable exhaust louvres for optimum function of the AXI industrial curtain. Standard controlled motors with built-in thermal contacts as safety feature against overload can be mounted easily and in a variable way.

Industrial curtain for warehouses

Industrial curtain

Industrial curtain for warehouses

The AXI industrial curtains are very popular solution for the door space protection against spreading of cold air followed by cooling of the internal space.

Curtain for the industrial areas

Examples of the industrial curtains

Curtain for the industrial areas

AXI industrial curtain can be selected in the following variants:

  • 4 performance lines
  • 4 lengths
  • cold air curtain design
  • hot water design of the industrial curtain
  • electric design