Plate noise silencers - GLIDEFLOW


Glideflow plate noise silencers are substantially lower when compared to the silencers of standard structure. Lower height of the silencer is provided thanks to special aerodynamic shape.


Placement and calculation for ventilation

  • Self-tapping screws or rivets are used for assembly of the noise silencers to the ductwork. Exact placement and adhering to distances between the silencers must be considered when placing the silencer.
  • For the purposes of easy design and selection of suitable noise silencers depending on the noise source and general noise condition inside the ductwork, the manufacturer developed a special AKUAIR software application for the calculations

Placement of the noise silencer

Vertical plate silencers

  • Standard silencers are adapted to non-abrasive air mass up to 200°C.
  • A wide range of silencers )
  • Vertical installation.
  • Width of silencers 100mm and 200mm, length from 500mm to 2500mm, customized height.
  • Very easy installation of the noise silencers to the ductwork.
  • Delivery of the noise silencers including the ductwork (PGDE) is possible in series production.

Plate noise silencer


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