Care of Stavoklima products and other

Provision of service and maintenance

Care of Stavoklima products and other

Service and maintenance

Ventilation, heating, and cooling

We provide service in the fields of the ventilation, instrumentation, heating, cooling, electric wiring both for the devices and systems delivered by Stavoklima as well as by third parties.

Area of service and maintenance

 Types of the offered services:  

  • regular service
  • operative
  • contractual service
  • warranty service
  • preventive inspections
  • reconstruction and refurbishment of equipment

Regular service based on applicable legislation, including keeping records of the agenda, e.g. fire flaps and closures, revision of cooling equipment, and more.

Expert services

Service across the Czech Republic

We will provide you optimized drafts of the service tasks and intervals based on input inspection.

We offer especially advantageous solution for demanding areas with emphasis on speed and reliability, for example health care, food operation plants, 24/7 operation plants, and users with a wide network of branches.

The qualified teams with long-term experience, state-of-the-art technology, and a wide range of spare parts provide the service activities.

The control centre will take care of forwarding of a request to the closest service team according to continuously updated summary of location of vehicles across the Czech Republic.

Regular training of our service technicians are the guarantee of provision of highly expert service, adherence to work instructions for the service interventions, and compliance with the laws in force.

We provide the regular service for about 350 facilities, and operative service is provided for about 600 facilities across the Czech Republic. We provide regular service for about 70 customers based on a service contract.

  • we provide our service activities across the Czech Republic
  • contractual operative service within 24, 12 or 6 hours
  • non-stop phone for contractual partners

For any system to operate correctly, proper maintenance is needed. This is provided by the warranty and post-warranty service, regular pre-season and post-season inspections, or permanent remote supervision